Quotes from 2018 Winners


Gold Award Winner
As a small social enterprise, we are thrilled and excited to be the winner of the Gold Award in Skills Training Category. This is the greatest honour of our team, our members and our supporters. We have learnt a lot in the journey, it helps us review our own strength, our position and our core value. More importantly, we can deliver our core value to different business sectors. After getting the award, our members are more confident in themselves. This is one more step forward to build an inclusive society. Thank you HKMA.

Ms Rabi Yim
Direction Association for the Handicapped

Silver Award Winner
Hotel ICON is a hotel with a special purpose to cultivate the next generation of Asian hospitality experts that will contribute to enhancing Hong Kong’s position as an “intellectual capital”. To genuinely inspire and develop existing and emerging talent for the hospitality industry, Hotel ICON introduced the “We Love to Care” training programme in 2017. The goal of “We Love to Care” is to augment the skills and knowledge of the hotel’s interns and colleagues – in particular around “excellence in customer service and in the understanding of emotional intelligence”. We are thrilled that many have benefitted greatly from the training, and we are especially proud to see many of the young hoteliers whom we have trained rising through the ranks both at ICON and at other reputable hotels around the world.

Mr Richard Hatter
General Manager
Hotel ICON

Bronze Award Winner
Our industry-leading AIA Premier Academy aims to groom young Financial Planner to provide professional advisory services with a customer-centric mindset. Digitalization has become one of our key strategies in training our financial planners – our iAcademy and eLearning system give them flexibility in terms of learning time and pace by facilitating “learning-on-the-go”, and expand the scope of topics to ensure the delivery of all-round training. Through these innovative platforms, they can acquire knowledge or skills continuously which will help them further enhance customer experience. This is how AIA Hong Kong has set a new industry benchmark in offering best-in-class training.

Mr Jim Jan Zen
Chief Agency Officer, Agency Distribution
AIA Hong Kong & Macau


Gold Award Winner
“People First” is our first structured talent development programme in 2017 for our frontline workforce including registered nurses, clinic officers and dispensers. It aims at developing their capabilities and confidence in taking up future center management roles in clinics of different size and configuration. The success of which lies with strong management commitment as well as the connection between training and staff career development. It was well received by both participants and their supervisors as an effective way of building our talent bench for future growth.

Mr Owen Yeung
Head of Learning and Talent Development
Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited

Silver Award Winner
At Pfizer Hong Kong, we emphasize a holistic approach, focusing on leadership at every level of the organization, not just formal leaders. We aim to build quality excellence in our service delivery. The “Everyone is a Leader” Development Programme has transformed Pfizer colleagues into one of the most stable and engaged workforce with quality excellence built in our service delivery where the culture developed drives sustainable talent development. This programme is our key to success in being a leading biopharmaceutical company, where our colleagues are highly committed to “Working Together for a Healthier World”.

Ms Geraldine Wai
HR Lead - Hong Kong/Macau/APAC Regional Office
Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited

Bronze Award Winner
Believing in the Power of Change” - Make A Difference’ (MAD) development programme helps transform and keep Ocean Park to stay competitive. MAD encourages employees to develop their own change journey and builds upon the belief that each individual contributor can influence oneself, his/her peer groups, the teams, and eventually the organization as a whole.

Mr Bee Tang
Training Manager (Learning and Development)
Ocean Park Corporation