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DSA Programme

With a history of over half a century, the Distinguished Sales Award (DSA) is highly respectable within the profession. Although the competition only lasts for 8 minutes, I poured my brain and heart out in months of preparation. It was a great honour to have the opportunity to compete with so many best of the best salespersons within the business community.
If you believe you're one of the best in your industry, DSA is the stage for you to out-shine others. I hope to see you become the winner at the next DSA Ceremony!

52nd DSA Programme (DSA Category) - Best Presentation Award
So Fu Wa, Sophia
AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited

The Distinguished Sales Award (DSA) provided an authoritative platform for all salesperson in Hong Kong and Mainland China to come together and challenge each other constructively. The encouraging yet competitive atmosphere brought out the best qualities in all the participants.
I hope DSA will also turn a new page in your life!

52nd DSA Programme(OYSA Category) - Best Presentation Award
Lau Hin Shing, Michael
Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited