DSA Programme

It gives me tremendous honour to serve on the judging panel again this year for the 52nd Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme organized by the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) Club of The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's DSA judging/interview sessions were held at the HKMA Advanced Management Development Centre, instead of at the HKCEC like past DSAs. The new venue has on one hand allowed for sufficient social distancing between contestants and judges, while on the other hand, made the contestants' performance in terms of facial expressions more difficult because of the farther distance plus facial masks were worn by both contestants and judges. Yet to my amazement, all the contestants have yet performed professionally beyond expectations despite all the uncontrollable external conditions. They have indeed exemplified this year's theme "Pride in Perseverance" in every sense possible!

This year's unforgettable judging experience has made me look forward even more to the 53rd Distinguished Salesperson Award Programme in 2021!

Once again, on behalf of CAHK, my heartfelt congratulations to the 52nd DSA winners, participants, and the SME Club for your remarkable achievements! As it is no easy task to orchestrate such an incredibly impressive Award programme in such a challenging year like 2020. My salutes to YOU all! And I sincerely wish all participants every success in your respective professions!

Mr Kenneth Lau
The Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK)

I write with great honour and appreciation for being invited by The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) as a member of Panel of Judges of 52nd Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme.

This is my 2nd time working as a judge; I have to say I am impressed time and again by the HKMA-DSA team's dedication and commitment in every detail of the Programme, from marketing and promotion, briefing of judges and participants at preparatory stage, to contestants' screening, judges’ selection, deliberation process, and finally, rounding up with a presentation ceremony of joy and rewards. All steps were handled with consistency and meticulous detail to attain the highest level of professionalism which has contributed to the long-term success of this Programme.

With businesses and industries undergoing the pressure of social instability followed by the pandemic which affects all walks of life in Hong Kong, this year's DSA theme "Pride in Perseverance" is particularly applicable. How one can persevere with pride of his/her work is the essential element of success for a salesperson in this era of challenges and instabilities. I am particularly amazed by some contestants' strong mind-set, the way they handled their work, their lives. I see a lot of creativeness in this year's contestants. I see a lot of hope for Hong Kong in this year's contestants. My heartful congratulations to not only the winners but all participants, for they have well demonstrated the spirit of "Pride in Perseverance" in the process.

Professor Allen Wong
Senior Vice President - Global
Founding President and Chief Executive - Greater China
CMA Australia (Hong Kong Branch)

香港管理專業協會舉辦第52屆傑出推銷員獎(Distinguished Salesperson Award)比賽中,參賽的代表來自不同行業,都是業界有規模的企業,我有幸能夠代表香港鐘表業總會參與評審委員會,目睹不同參賽者都是應對反應極快,對所屬行業十分了解,用心做事和充滿熱誠態度。透過參與比賽能夠提升能力和交流心得,互相影響提升業界水平。

「功在不捨 傲而不凡」- 能夠成為一位突出的銷售員他們必須要具有優秀的營銷能力,但熱誠和良好的態度,用心了解顧客需要,才真正令顧客欣賞。生涯生計是持續的,終生的,與成功有約,有夢的人終會摘星。



Hong Kong salespeople are renowned for their hard-work mentality, professionalism, and meeting customer needs. They play a pivotal role in the success of the business in any organization and make remarkable contributions to Hong Kong economic growth.

The Distinguished Salesperson Awards (DSA), organized by The Hong Kong Management Association and the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) Club, is the profession's premier honour to acknowledge excellence and provide community-wide recognition for the city’s top salespersons. It is my great honour to be able to serve on the judging panel of the Award for the year 2020. I am particularly impressed by the winners who showcased great talents and skills. They have proven their mettle in tough times, which is the mark of true skill and professionalism.

Through this competition, apart from giving due recognition to successful individuals for their achievements, it also confers prestige on the companies they represent – illustrating the exemplary leadership and management, training, innovative strategies and tactics, and commitment to excellence amongst these companies.

Act now and I look forward to your nominations in 2021!

Mr Ryan Hsu
Vice Chairman
Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding & Logistics (HAFFA)

It is truly an honor to represent the Hong Kong Computer Society again to serve as a member of the judging panel of the 52nd Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme. It is always an enjoyable and enlightening experience to learn from other sales and marketing leaders about their successful business philosophy and thoughts on the industry. Over the years, DSA has given due recognition to successful salespersons for their achievements.

This year is a tough year due to COVID-19 outbreak, and the world is continuously undergoing many different types of transformation. The ability to help any customer to transform a business and adapt to change is now the factor that determines a winner.

Throughout the judging process, I was very impressed by the many candidates who think on their feet, introducing their creative perspective on salesmanship and this year's theme, "Pride in Perseverance", which acts as a good reminder for the importance of maintaining.

On behalf of the Hong Kong Computer Society, I would like to extend my congratulations to all the winners of the 52nd DSA and my appreciation to the Organizing Committee of the 52nd DSA for orchestrating this prestigious event.

Dr Gabriel Leung
Vice President (Policy & Communications) & Honorary Treasurer
Hong Kong Computer Society

It is my great honour to serve as a member of the Judging Panel again for the 52nd Distinguished Salesperson Award. On behalf of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to this year's winners.

The DSA Programme provides a superb platform to enable professional sales executives to fulfill their business objectives while ensuring customer satisfaction and enhancing the image of their companies. To meet the growing expectations of clients, sales professionals must provide people-oriented services, and continuously update their professional knowledge and skills. Outstanding sales professionals not only achieve and exceed their business targets, but also serve as great ambassadors for their companies.

Although 2020 has been a challenging year for all industries, there are also plenty opportunities for sales stars to shine. For businesses to stay competitive in a difficult economic environment, high-quality service is indispensable. Salespersons are frontline staff facing all kinds of customers every day, maintaining the vital link between a business and its customers. Not only do they have to possess the required expertise about the products and services, but they also have to satisfy customers' needs genuinely and patiently.

I greatly appreciate the work of The Hong Kong Management Association in organizing this annual Award, especially amid the current challenging environment. It is inspiring to learn about the achievements of the awardees this year, who will serve as excellent role models to their peers as well as other professionals.

Congratulations again to The Hong Kong Management Association for continuing to build the professionalism of salespeople in Hong Kong, and especially to the winners for helping to enhance Hong Kong's reputation for service excellence.

Mr Watson Chan
Deputy CEO (Policy & Business Development)
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

I am fortunate to be nominated by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and invited by the Sales and Marketing Executives Club (SME Club) of The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) to be a member of the Judging Panel of the 52nd Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme in 2020. It was a new experience for me as I found the expertise and competencies of salespersons and engineers very different.

It was inspiring to meet the passionate, energetic, witty and able participants of the DSA programme. The programme gives due recognition to these outstanding professionals.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants for their great effort in preparing for the performances in front of the judges. A big credit should also go to the Award Organizing Committee for their determination in hosting the event, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

I wish the DSA Programme every success in the future.

Ir Francis C Y Cheng, MH
Executive Member
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

I'm so pleased and honoured to be one of Panel of Judges of the 52nd Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme. The Award plays an important role to recognize the contribution of and motivate the high caliber sales talents across different industries. It also provides a unique opportunity to observe the compelling momentum of the sales professionals in this city.

Mr Vincent So
Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association

During these difficult and troubling times, the 52nd DSA programme was a small beacon of light that allowed participants to show their strengths and achievements. This year's winners showed not only competence, but also, and perhaps more importantly, devotion and passion in their respective industries. I warmly congratulate all winners and The Hong Kong Management Association for their dedication in making the DSA Programme in 2020 a truly successful and memorable event.

Ms Gammy Kwok
Innovation Entrepreneur Association