DSA Programme
Rules and Conditions
  1. Registration fee (non-refundable) for the Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) or the Outstanding Young Salesperson Award (OYSA) is HK$2,000 (HKMA member) or HK$2,800 (non-HKMA member) for each nominee.
  2. The participation fee for the DSA and the OYSA is HK$7,200 (HKMA member) or HK$8,000 (non-HKMA member) for each nominee. Under very special circumstances and with prior notice in writing sent to the HKMA four weeks before the Interview Session to be held on Saturday, 6 May 2023, the Organizing Committee may consider accepting the withdrawal of a company’s nomination and refunding the participation fee.
  3. Awardees are obliged to attend press conferences, rehearsals or other activities that the organizer sees fit for promotion of the Award.
  4. False information submitted or failure to attend interviews may result in a nominee being disqualified.
  5. The organizer may request verification of the data submitted by contestants during the judging process.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to refuse any nomination without disclosing the reasons.

Online Interview- Examination Room Setting and Guidelines


  1. The participating company needs to arrange the examination room with necessary equipment and settings such as cameras, clip-microphone etc. No facilities and venue location would be provided by the Organizer.
  2. Online technical testing would be scheduled prior to the interview, tentatively in early-April.
  3. Four-device approach would be required and adopted to monitor the interview session. Candidate would be required to arrange a location i.e. with sufficient privacy and have a main device with camera, two secondary devices also with cameras placed at the back of the candidate, plus one device with camera to monitor the screen displaying in front of the candidate. They should be turned on and placed as shown in the picture; and not allowed to be moved during the entire interview session.
    • Main device shall be installed to capture a "front" angle of the candidate from knee-up or waist-up.
    • Secondary Devices I & II shall be installed to capture the complete view of the room/surroundings.
    • Secondary Device III shall be installed to capture the screen/projector in front of the candidate.
    • Wireless clip-on microphone should be used during the interview session. Headset microphone is not allowed.
  4. Candidate should keep a distance with the Main Device (suggest distance between 140cm - 250cm).
  5. Each participating company is allowed to assign one IT Support Technician to provide technical assistance during the interview in case of any malfunction or network disconnection. Devices I or II must capture his/her full body throughout the entire session. Actions not related to IT Support, such as raising a signage for time keeping is restricted.
  6. The participating company's IT support must ensure all equipment (e.g. devices, cameras, clip-mic, zoom login) are functional and met the four-device approach requirements within a 1-minute technical testing with the Organizer prior to the interview session.
  7. Candidate is required to show his/her identity card and remove the mask for identity verification. Candidate should empty their pockets before the interview starts.
  8. No additional time or a second attempt would be granted in case of any technical malfunction or network disconnection.
  9. Cheating is strictly prohibited. If cheating or any suspicious actions are confirmed, candidate would be disqualified from the programme.
  10. If the candidate requests to alter the interview format, contact person must inform the DSA Secretariat by email with the provision of reasons and supporting documents. Format change must be submitted prior to Online technical testing. Late submission would not be considered.
  11. In the event of any disputes, the Organizer reserves the right of the final decision.