DSA Programme
Award Procedure
  1. Each company can nominate five salespersons to participate in the Award. Those who are aged 25 or below will be eligible for the OYSA and those above will be eligible for the DSA. Nominees for OYSA must be born on or after 1 January 1998. Nominees for the DSA and the OYSA will have to fulfill the same requirements as stipulated below.
  2. The nominee for the DSA/OYSA will be assessed in the following two ways:
    • Each DSA/OYSA nominee will have to write a short paper of not more than 500 words in English/Chinese on his/her aspirations as a salesman, contribution to the advancement of his/her professional and opinion on the theme of the 55th DSA - Heritage • Breakthrough (承豐 。 破浪).
    • Each DSA/OYSA nominee will then go through an 8-minute interview of 2 parts conducted by the Panel of Judges. This interview is the most important part of the judging process. In the first part, the nominee will have to give a 3-minute sales presentation introducing his/her products or services, and answer in 3-minute challenge and question session by the judges and encourage the judges to have follow-up discussion or conversation. In the second part, the nominee will have to conduct a 2-minute effective sales presentation.
  3. Before the 8-minute interview starts, 1-minute setup time will be given. Nominee is allowed to arrange their equipments during the setup time. Selling initiatives, such as giving business cards and shaking hands with judges, are not considered as setup.
  4. The total score achieved by a nominee in the above two assessments will decide whether he/she will be successful for the Award.
  5. A Best Presentation Award for the DSA and the OYSA will be presented to the awardee who receives the highest combined score for the two assessments. Moreover, as a token of appreciation, certificates of excellence will also be presented to the top five awardees of the DSA and the OYSA.