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About Us

The Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) Club is the first specialist Club set up by The Hong Kong Management Association in as early as 1966. Composed of sales and marketing professionals, the Club organizes different events including seminars, networking as well as the well-known Distinguished Salesperson Award Programme to recognize outstanding sales personnel.

The SME Club of Hong Kong is affiliated to SME-I of New York.

  1. To promote understanding and recognition of selling and marketing as a profession and its importance to the economy.
  2. To promote a high standard of professionalism in sales and marketing
  3. To provide sales and marketing executives with effective and continuing professional leadership.
  4. To organize Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme
  1. Attend seminars at discounted price
  2. Networking Opportunities
  3. Heighten your awareness in the sales field
  4. Visit companies and exchange ideas
  5. Regular newsletter and publication