Business Management

The University of Iowa, USA Master of Business Administration
Advanced Certificate Course on Administrative and Management Skills
(CB-30050-2019-2-F) 5 Jul 2019
Communicating with Different Personalities - How to flex and communicate with them (SG-47554-2019-1-F) 29 Jul 2019

Disciplinary & Security Management

Certificate Course on Investigation of Hi-tech Crimes (CB-A0175-2019-2-L) 2 Jul 2019
Certificate Course on Criminal Law (CB-A0088-2019-2-L) 31 Jul 2019

Event and Hospitality Management

Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course

Finance and Accounting

Executive Certificate Course on The PRC Accounting Practices (CB-20181-2019-2-SS) 10 Jul 2019
Executive Diploma in Accounting and Taxation in Mainland China
A Workshop on Strategic Credit Management Workshop - China Chapter (ACB-47517-2019-1-FC) 12 Jul 2019
Certificate Course on Taxation in Mainland China - Part II: Taxation Practices in Mainland China
(CB-20134-2019-2-SS) 15 Jul 2019
A Workshop on Finance for Non-Financial Managers (TS-26774-2019-2-FC) 26 Jul 2019

Health Care Management

Professional Diploma in Dental Nursing
Professional Diploma in Dental Nursing

Human Resources Management

Certificate Course on Labour Law in Mainland China
(CB-30035-2019-3-SS) 5 Jul 2019
Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA (AC-A6660-2019-3-FC) 8 Jul 2019
Certificate Course on Human Resources Management
(CB-30002-2019-5-P) 8 Jul 2019
A 2-Day Workshop on Training the Trainer (SG-A6519-2019-2-FC) 8 Jul 2019
Certificate Course on Employment Ordinance
(CB-30030-2019-4-P) 10 Jul 2019
Seminar on Effective Recruitment and Selection Interviewing Techniques (SG-36544-2019-2-F) 25 Jul 2019


Certificate Course on Professional Business English - Part I: Written Business English (C-40600-2019-5-F) 3 Jul 2019
Certificate Course on Effective Business Writings
(C-A0120-2019-1-L) 22 Jul 2019

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Certificate Course on Supervisory Management
(CB-A0073-2019-4-L) 15 Jul 2019
How to Manage Disagreement and Conflicts Constructively (SG-47513-2019-1-F) 22 Jul 2019
How to Lead through Active Engagement - Team Leadership Competencies (SG-A6863-2019-1-F) 23 Jul 2019
Influencing Skills (SG-A6862-2019-2-F) 24 Jul 2019
Collaborative Win-Win Negotiation Skills - toward a workable solution (SG-A6825-2019-2-F) 26 Jul 2019
How to Motivate and Get the Best out of People - Team Leadership Competencies (SG-A6864-2019-2-F) 30 Jul 2019

Legal and Law

Essentials Of Regulation of Advertisement in Hong Kong (TS-47536-2019-2-FC) 10 Jul 2019
Essentials of Contract Law (TS-47535-2019-2-FC) 24 Jul 2019

Marketing & Sales

Certificate Course on Public Relations
(CB-80020-2019-2-F) 5 Jul 2019
Certificate Course on Public Relations Writing
(CB-80082-2019-2-F) 6 Jul 2019

Mediation and Negotiation

Advanced Diploma in Negotiation

Property and Rental Management

Certificate in Public Housing Agency Management (TS-A0180-2019-3-FC) 8 Jul 2019
Advanced Certificate Course on Estate Management (CB-A0077-2019-3-L) 15 Jul 2019
Professional Diploma in Property & Facilities Management

Secretarial & Company Secretarial Studies

Certificate Course on Company Secretarial Practice - Part III - Public and Listed Companies (CB-40322-2019-1-FC) 16 Jul 2019