Corporate Training Programmes

Background of HKMA

The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA), established in 1960, is one of the leading management training and development organizations in Hong Kong. Its mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of management in Hong Kong.

Last year, over 2,200 training programmes were organized with over 60,000 executives attending. Programmes include various aspects of management, taking the form of workshops, seminars, certificates, diploma programmes to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree programmes.

Corporate Training Programmes (CTP) of HKMA

The HKMA in-house corporate training and development services are specially designed programmes geared to the particular needs of individual companies. Programmes are job-related and application-oriented, tailored to meet the requirements of organizations in terms of training needs, contents, schedule and venue.

Our Philosophy

"If the trainee has not learned, the trainer has not taught."
  • we emphasize applications on work-life situations with learned skills
  • we stimulate learning rather than teaching
  • we provide total service before and after completion of the programme

Holistic Training Model


  • Meeting with the management
  • Pre-course study questionnaire
  • Focus Group Meeting
  • Revision of training contents after pre-course study
  • Tailor-made training materials to suit actual requirements
  • Self-evaluation exercise(s)
  • Tailor-made management study cases for in-class discussions
  • Specially designed checklist and/or observation sheet
  • Special studies - mystery shopper etc

Experience sharing

Assignment presentation

Experiential learning approach

The course

  • Conducted by two consultants wherever needed
  • Conducted by practical managers experienced in the field
  • Adopt interactive and participative approach
  • Mind-setting with practicable approach
  • Adopt experiential learning approach to stimulate learning
  • Emphasize study on real work-life situations
  • Addressing concerns and expected problems
  • Stimulate interests for further learning
  • Provision of related reference materials for further exploration
  • Conduct mid-course meeting for continuous assessment if needed


  • Programme evaluation with graphic presentation
  • Future TNA - Training Needs Analysis
  • Pre- and post-course study and comparison
  • Post-course Observation Report
  • Free email consultation for 3 months
  • Discount for further day-time study on other HKMA programmes
  • Conduct post-course meeting


Interactive, participative, experiential learning, relaxing and fun, concern on mind-set, applicational for learned skills, emphasize on real work-life situations, addressing concerns and expected problems, stimulate interest for further learning.

Programme Methodology*

  • PowerPoint presentation (Bilingual in English and Chinese)
  • Training films and discussions
  • Self-evaluation exercises
  • Tailor-made management study cases
  • Video recording on practices
  • Management game/simulation
  • Role-plays
  • Experiential Learning Approach
  • Out-class syndicate work or project

* Depending on needs of the programme and/or the client.

Common Management Subjects

Effective application of 5S
Better Appraise your Staff
Assertive Skills for better performance
BPR: Business Process Re-engineering
Performance enhancement through Coaching
Effective Change Management
Effective Communication and Coordination
Advanced Communication skills
CRM: Customer Relationship Management
Handling staff Conflicts
Today' Customer Service
Work allocation and Delegation of your work
Execution is everything
Event Management
Practical business Email Writing
Introduction to HRM: Human Resource Management
Interpersonal Communication
Better Interpersonal Skills
Effective Managerial/ Supervisory Skills
MBO: Management By Objectives and Effective Supervision
Becoming an effective Leader
How to better Motivate your Saff
Effective Negotiation Skills
Effective Planning and Control
Practical Phone Skill
PMS: Building up your performance management system
Effective Presentation Skill
Effective handling of Problematic Customers
How to better handle Problematic Staff
Effective Project Management
Quality Management
Enhancing your Sales Skill
Stress Management
Building up effective working Team (By Experiential Learning Approach)
TTT: Train-the-trainer programme
Any other management training

Our Recent Clients

Since the end of 2003, we have successfully provided corporate training programmes to over 80 local, Mainland and overseas clients of over 5,100 participants. Post-course evaluation from participants were highly rated. References on these application are available upon request.

Major clients include:

  • Airport Authority, The
  • Asian Airfreight Terminals Co Ltd
  • Bank of China, Hong Kong
  • China Travel Services (Holdings) Hong Kong Ltd
  • CSTDI, HK SAR Govt
  • DHL
  • Electrical & Mechanical Services Dept, HK SAR Govt
  • Goodwill Management Ltd
  • Greenpeace
  • Hong Kong Society for the Blind
  • Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children
  • Lands Department, HK SAR Govt
  • NEC Hong Kong Ltd
  • Panasonic Ecology Hong Kong Ltd
  • Rating & Valuation Department, HK SAR Govt
  • SUGA International Holdings Ltd
  • Tonic Industries Holdings Ltd
  • South Pacific Hotel
  • University of Hong Kong, Libraries, The
  • University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Medicine, The

Why choose our Corporate Training Services

  • Concern on mind-set
  • Learnt skills application
  • Proven record for good value

Language Medium

Cantonese (supplemented with English)


Dr Paul Chung, Principal Consultant (CTP): 9040 8877
Ms Cheryl Cheung: 2774 8544
Mr Ronnie Chan: 2774 8526
Fax: 2365 1000

General Enquiry Hotline:
2774 8500 OR 2774 8501


Dr Paul Chung, Principal Consultant (CTP): 9040 8877
Ms Cheryl Cheung: 2774 8544
Mr Ronnie Chan: 2774 8526
Fax: 2365 1000

General Enquiry Hotline:
2774 8500 OR 2774 8501